OMG! See the reason why they call this fish a “dangerous vagina”

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There are many amazing creatures in the oceans. Some of them look freaky, but this particular fish made people talk, as its mouth resembles the human female lady part! Take a look.


The name of the fish is Sarcastic Fringeheads. A video with two of these creatures gone viral online, because many people were surprised to notice the odd looks. They highly resemble female vaginas; that is their mouth do!

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This comparably small sized fish has a large had and mouth. They use the heads to fight for the territory and protect their place from intruders. It’s not an ordinary fish. If you were to meet it while diving in the sea depth, it might have scared you.

BBC has even produced a whole show on the strangely looking creatures. That’s when the viewers noticed their similarity to certain body parts of women. How do these fight? They just press the large lips and mouth against each other and keep pushing. The strongest wins. Here is the funny comment made by one viewer:

“It looks like a dangerous vagina.”

And he is so right about it!

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