Nigerians speak on alleged Buhari’s Alzheimer’s disease

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Nigerian news media website, Signal has published its exclusive article where the journalists claim President Muhammadu Buhari is currently battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Signal referrs to an anonymous top-level source who has recently visited the president at the Aso Rock Villa and can allegely confirm that the leader of the nation has Alzheimer’s.

He claims that the president has memory problems and is no longer capable of taking governance-related decisions.

Moreover, the insider insists that Mamman Daura, a close confidant of the president, has taken advantage of Buhari’s deteriorating mental state.

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The source was quoted: “It is a really serious situation. It is looking like the president has now been caged and hijacked. He is not in control. Daura is the one handling most of the key issues.

He is the one who manages the entire decision making process from who is listed and presented to the President for appointments, interpretation of key policy decisions and their implications to the president, and even who is targeted or penciled down for arrests or prosecution. It’s unbelievably shocking.”

Further the report dwells on a series of incidents, where President Muhammadu Buhari failed to conceal his ailment.

1) They recalled the situation where President Buhari mispronounced the name of the Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osinbajo addressing him as Prof. Yemi Osinbade.

2) During a live television interview with Al Jazeera the president forgot the full meaning of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), switching “Nigeria” with “National”.

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3) In a meeting with President Barack Obama President Buhari has reportedly called his party as the All Nigeria Peoples Congress instead of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The news platform can’t but recall multiple trips of the president to other countries, where he allegedly underwent medical treatment.

Earlier this week Sahara Reporters reported on the president’s visit to German hospital. However, it’s unclear whether the president has any kind of a medical problem or not.

However, Nigerians took to social media expressed their strong disbelief with the dubious report, share their thoughts on the president’s health and discuss the contoversail matter with each other.

Itamakinde Akinyele: Memory loss? We go dey manage am. He never dey wear pampers? Even, still we go manage am. Aso rock guys! I hail o. Just day chop go, he no go remember.

Adedotun Oni: If you are above 70years in this present world,it is normal to have sometin dat u will be battling with bcox theirs is no body above 70years that will say he or she is not having one or two issue with his health but am sure that God will stregthen and heal u,bcox you need to finish what you start ooooo bcox i dont tink we have any1 that have the boldness of fighting corruption…

Uloko Comrade Julius: Did Buhari sound like a person suffering from Alzheimer, or u don’t know what Alzheimer mean?, Buhari sound normal keep repeat whatever he said days years back he didn’t forget any, Alzheimer is someone who suffered from lost of memory and Buhari never lost his memory
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Moses Denfrank: Old man has his personal battle to face yet criminal politicians dragged him into their mess but for the tastes of power the old man fell into their hands now he is their Jan glover game,wishing you speedy treatment and recovery!

Arinze Hilary Onwukeme: When patience Jonathan was saying it ppl were busy laughing at her, now the truth is coming out, he doesn’t remember his promises. I hope Hausa ppl are enjoying this, n looking forward to there excuse

Az Chinwuba Buhari: is hale and hearty. These newsmen should know what they report. It appears they now say whatever they want in the name of democracy. I also think it’s only in Nigeria where newsmen enjoys the liberty of democracy to its fullest. How they them in US, Russia, etc talk down on their presidents? Careless words like these is detrimental to the nation.
All ye praying for Buhari to fail one way or the other should brace yourself because he MUST succeed.

Hon Nwokediuko Jackson: Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by gradual dieing of brain cells, buhari has previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia, BUHARI BYE BYE, WE WILL MEET AGAIN IN NEXT WORLD I. E WHENEVER I DIE.

Mohammed Shaibu Auwal: Absolute lie and nonsense, rather it’s u suffering from the condition you mentioned, I’m afraid if it’s not dementia you are suffering from too or rather acute kleptomaniac syndrome, which PMB is now treating in Nigeria, PMB will never relent in executing his programmes, because of myopic and pessimistic people like you, PMB will live beyond want you people think, but mind you death is inevitable for you also sooner or later, PMBs ill health or sound health does not guarantee your own, putting across such news in social media is just an absolute waste of energy and time.


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