20 advices from a 40-year-old woman to 30-year-old woman

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10 years might not look that much, but a person can achieve great maturity throughout this time. This maturity is immeasurable. This is what inspired a 40-year-old lady, to write down some essential advices to 30-year-old womаn.

Taking into consideration everything she has been gone through, she confesses she would have done things in a different way if someone else just had told her to do so. See below 20 advices for ladies who have not yet reached their 40’s!

1. Love and accept yourself

I am pretty sure I could have avoided so many problems if I just could understand it at that time. That I should have accepted the things I have – good or bad. After learning how to love yourself, you will learn how to love and accept everyone else. This is really important in order to keep good and healthy relationships.

2. Enrich your soul

If you are not sure about the things you like in life, search for new experiences. Find something that fulfills you.

3. Find support

It is essential and very important to count on your friends and family support. Going through challenging times all by yourself must be very painful.

4. Be honest

There is nothing wrong in showing your feelings. Everyone experiences hard times every now and then. You can find consolation with people you couldn’t even think of.

5. Live for yourself

I have dedicated a huge part of my life to other people. But what I did not know at that time is that I could not make everyone happy. You got no control at all. Start doing things that make you happy and that are good for you

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6. Do not sacrifice yourself so often

It is acceptable and understandable to sacrifice when you are in a relationship. But pay very good attention if that sacrifice is not a one-way path and if you are the only one sacrificing your wishes for the other person. If this is happening, it is time to rethink these relationships.

7. Travel

Maybe this is sadder. I did not travel as much as I wanted when I was younger and had no kids. You can choose how to spend your money, buying souveniers and stuff. Travelling gives you the sensation of freedom. A sensation you cannot find anywhere else. They open your mind to a whole new and different world.

8. Don’t take it too hard on yourself

Problems will not be solved with worries. Choose to live with less anxieties, hence you will have less stress. If a problem pops up, solve it. Do not moan.

9. Do not make comparisons

This gets worst with social media. Comparing yourself with acquaintances you have on the internet ain’t do nothing to make your life better. Actually, it will ruin your self-esteem. There will always be someone smarter or prettier. When you realize you are doing it, block this feeling right away, and be thankful for what you have.

10. Do not build expectations

Expectation is the evil that destroys relationships of love or friendships. Living without having much expectation from people holds you here and now!

11. Live to work. Do not work for survival

If I just could go back in time, I would have chosen occupations that fit me. After you manage to find out what you were born to do, you will understand the meaning of “live to work”. Many people work on things they do not like and they end up working just for survival.

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12. Save money

As much as you keep saying “I will save some money next year”, life usually pranks us and turn things upside down. When this happens, your old savings can be a lifesaver.

13. Volunteer

Work as a volunteer. Help those in need. You will forget your own problems if you look at people around you. And when you forget the problems you have, you will realize that many of them will be solved without much work.

14. Work on forgiveness

Forgive yourself and other people. You will feel relieved and free. Let the past go and release people from any guilt they might have.

15. Do not waste your time with negative people

It seems difficult, especially when they are your relatives and close friends. But you have to learn how set limits in order to preserve your peace. It is priceless!

16. Learn how to say “no”. It is very important

If you always give in, give in, give in trying to make everyone happy, you are on the wrong way. You do not have to justify yourself just because you do not want to do a certain thing.

17. Think before saying ‘yes, I do’

If you feel your relationship is not at the right moment of “happily forever”, just rethink if it’s worthy to saying that “yes”. It is easier to end a relation before it becomes something more serious.

18. See joy in small things

The constant connection with the Internet has complicated the disconnection to enjoy life. Quit your cell phone and enjoy a good conversation with a friend of yours. Life goes by really fast and if you do not stop to enjoy it, you will lose it.

19. Stop worrying about what people might think about you

I wish I could have understood this before… I was always wondering what people were thinking about me. I used to make my decisions based on what people wanted. Other people do not have anything to do with your life. Be yourself and you will realize that life can be so much easier.

20. Change

It’s our tendency to have everything under control. We believe that it is more stable and predictable. But we forget that life controls it all and we will not be able to change anything. Be ready for all the changes that might happen in your life.

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