These puppies are identical dog twins, the first pair known to the science!

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Human twins are cute and desirable, but this couple of pups is unique. Scientists claim, they have discovered the first ever identical puppies in the world!

identical twin puppies

They found them in South Africa. Most dogs have 2 to 12 pups per time, but they all come from different eggs and have differences. However, these two were born from one egg. Here is what the scientists say:

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of monozygotic twinning in the dog confirmed using DNA profiling.”

All their body cells are identical. The color and looks are identical, too, like those of human twins. Till this time humans and armadillos were the only species able to produce identical twins. In nature, such instances are extremely rare.

identical dog twins

So, these puppies are unique, indeed. Their mama was not able to deliver the pups naturally, and they had to do the C-section to the dog. When they got the pups out, they discovered they shared one placenta. It’s a very unusual thing for canines.

Looks are not enough to prove the fact, but the blood test is. They ran it and discovered – puppies’ DNA was the same! Here is what the owner says:

“There have been rumors about twins in dogs before. We just happened to be lucky enough to be able to confirm it genetically.”

These cuties are unique, indeed!

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