That’s how the man with no face looks like one year after full face transplant (photos)

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Patrick Hardison, the so-called man with no face, got serious burns in 2001 while being on duty and trying to save a woman from a burning trailer. After the incident, the firefighter almost lost his eyesight, and his face turned into a plain, pale mask. Over the past 14 years, he underwent 71 surgeries in order to remove or hide the injuries caused by fire, but none was a success.

All these years, Patrick lived with a disfigured face, with all the consequences that come with it. It is hard to imagine what he went through. Finally, in 2015, he got face transplant using tissues of a young man who died in a motorcycle crash. The mother of the dead guy agreed to the transplant, and his face parameters fitted perfectly. However, it took them a year to shape Patrick’s new look, but eventually, the man managed to return to a normal life.

That’s how Patrick looked before transplant


And this is his new face


That’s what Patrick says: “This operation returned me my life. A few days ago, me and my family went at  Disneyland, and I swam in the pool with my children. And I hadn’t done it for 15 years! Now I feel like a normal person with a family. I can take my children to school!”

This is the first time in the history of medicine, when the man’s got so much facial tissue transplanted, although partial transplants are carried out on a regular basis.


Now, Patrick plans to help other firefighters injured while trying to save people. Once, he was desperate to have a new face, but now that the operation was successful, he’s finally back to normal life and even can restore his driver’s license. His car is what he truly missed.

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