Amazing! Nigerian soldier helps woman deliver her baby in Borno

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A Nigerian soldier, Celestine Nwabueke, has won the hearts and respect of many people in Nigeria and abroad. In addition to serving his fatherland and protecting the citizens of this nation, this soldier has taken on the job of a midwife. 

Nigerian soldiers see a lot while they are in the field battling the notorious terrorists that have plagued the northern parts of Nigeria. They constantly go out every day to face these terrorists and protect the innocent ones from them.

Many people have fled their homes for fear of being killed or kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists. It is traumatizing for people to be displaced from their homes and farms; these people despite being connected to their communities are being forced to leave.

Some of them leave behind their ancestors’ graves and places that could have been shown to a generation unborn. As unsettled as these people are, they know life goes on and they have to keep living.

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Nwabueke has been praised for being heroic after he helped a woman deliver a bouncing baby boy in a village in Borno state. He teamed up with a group of women to help a labouring woman deliver her baby.

This woman and the others left their community because of the fear of Boko Haram. The woman who out to bed was filled with gratitude. She contemplated naming the child after the soldier but changed her mind on the grounds of religion.

The new born baby was named Abubakar. See pictures of the Nwabueke and the baby he helped deliver below:

1. Nwabueke and the new baby born

Nigerian soldier

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2. Brave



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