Wow! Pre-wedding pictures that will leave you stunned

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An exciting process of preparing for weddings is the pre-wedding photoshoot session. Couples love expressing themselves here and put in their all in order to ensure that the pictures come out well.

Every couple wants their pre-wedding pictures to be done differently when compared to other couples own. It is almost as if they are in a competition as they do not want someone else’s shoot to beat theirs.

In truth, we love seeing the beautiful pictures couples come up with while planning for their big day. Some go creative and make their pre-wedding pictures reflect their lives and what they do. That is when you see couples posing as students and teachers because they found each other in school. You also see some posing as military officers because that is their life.

We have seen the weird pre-wedding pictures of some couples; we have seen those who did x-rated things while trying to reach out to each other. Recently, a newly wedded couple almost suffocated because they wanted to take pictures that would show how far they can go together. Even though this couple risked death, they still passed a message.

There are beautiful pre-wedding shots couples come up with without putting themselves in life-threatening situations. We also enjoy seeing these pictures and sharing them so other couples could get inspired to do something more beautiful.

Find below some of the rather weird but beautiful pre-wedding pictures taken by couples:

1. Serious but dangerous

pre-wedding pictures of some couples

This is quite a remarkable pre-wedding picture; this physically fit couple decided to show the world how strong they are. They are confident of themselves and took this picture very close to a cliff. As much as we love this weird pre-wedding picture, we do not advise you to try it.

Although this couple tried making this shot look easy but we are sure you know better. The slightest mistake made in that angle could cost them dearly.

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2. Beautiful

pre-wedding pictures of some couples

This couple are showing us something beautiful; ordinarily one would have expected the young man to support the woman with his hands but he did not. She had to put her body up there while exerting pressure on the man’s shoulders since that is her major support.

While doing that, she still made it look like an effortless thing. What do you think of this couple?

3. Incredible

pre-wedding pictures of some couples

This is a beautiful pre-wedding picture. You would know that this couple is physically fit with the position they chose for their photoshoot. Now do not say the photographer might have inspired them as no photographer can make you flexible overnight.

4. Sporty

pre-wedding pictures of some couples

Moving on to the milder positions couples who love exercises could try, this is a beautiful one. As simple as it looks, you may have a very hard time doing a push up; now add the weight of a full grown woman to it and you have your answer.

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5. Romantic

pre-wedding pictures of some couples

This is a romantic pre-wedding picture. This couple sure had a good time posing for this. You know the number of trials they must have had before they got this perfect shot?

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