Stella Oduah son’s death: Five lessons to learn for all Nigerian politicians

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– Stella Oduah’s son Maxwell Chinedu Etoromi did not live after his mother

Former aviation minister never knew her child will die at the young age of 28

– Nigerian politicians should learn so much from the battle the current Anambra Senator’s son lost as a result of brain haemorrhage

The entrance to this world is quite different from its exit. Everybody knows when a child is given birth to, but no one can thud his or her chest and state specifically if the child would live up to old age or even beyond his parents.

The scenario just given above fits into that of the death of Etoromi, who never knew he would give up the ghost before age 30.

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On the issue of providing Nigerians with better standards of living via the different democratic institutions in the country, Nigerian politicians should learn from the predicament that befell Stella Oduah, as it could be the turn of anyone of them. In this wise, they should be wise to strive at all legal fronts possible to give the suffering masses in the country dividends of democracy.

1. The transient nature of this world

The life of this world is ephemeral. It comes and goes like a flash in the pan. Even if a person lives for more than a hundred years; when he is about leaving this world, it would seem as if he just spent a few hours.

stella oduah son ii

This is what politicians should ruminate over all the time, as it lead them to do the right things for the citizens as at when due.

2. Being in power has no meaning

The authority any politician wields has no meaning when it comes to death. Suffice to remember the deaths of former Kogi state governor and All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate at the 2015 governorship election in the state, Prince Abubakar Audu as well as State minister for labour and employment, James E Ocholi (SAN).

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The noise generated about their death is not the issue. The issue was that they all died despite all the paraphernalia they had while alive.

3. Corruption and its implication

When will Nigerian politicians learn from events of the past? So many things have happened in the country which shows a politician who is corrupt will get his payback at the right time.

Former Delta state governor between 1999 and 2007 is known as a convict now and cooling off in a prison in the United Kingdom. Ibori forgot the good people of Delta who voted for him twice, by siphoning all the coffers of the state.

4. The alleged sins of Stella Oduah

Although, Nigerians are all sympathising will Stella Oduah; the alleged case of bullet-proof vehicles she purchased and other allegations leveled against her, while as aviation minister will still not be forgotten in a hurry by the citizens even if her name is cleared finally.

5. Death is inevitable

Death respects nobody. It is not about age or gender or race or religion or language or social strata or skin colour or whatever someone could ever think of classifying the human race. When the time comes, the person death comes for, would surely have to say good bye to this world

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