Shocking! This 4-year-old baby looks like an 80-year-old man (photos)

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This boy is just 4, but you would not say that by looking at him. He seems to be very old and worn out. Learn why this little young, old man is dying of aging. 


He lives in Bangladesh, and his name is Bayezid Hossain. His mother looks much younger than the 4-year-old son. His body ages 8 times faster than that of ordinary people. It is called progeria, and the disorder makes young people experience all the troubles of seniors.

Bayezid Hossain

Their joints become stiff, and their sight fades. The boy has trouble urinating, and his teeth are falling out. Most of the kids with this rare disease live no longer than 13 years. The boy’s father is just 22; he also looks much younger than his son.

old baby

The little one has the mind of a 4-year-old child, who loves to play and go for sports, but his body does not allow it. His mother Tripti says that the boy had all his teeth in place when he was just 3 months old! She was so upset when she first saw the child.

Bangladesh baby

People in the village talk of the curse and evil powers. They avoid the odd child, and it makes the life of the family only harder. They lack the support their community could have offered the young couple. Here is what the father says:

“My son isn’t a normal baby, and it’s tragic for any parent to know that his child will not survive for long.” 

We have to be aware that there is nothing evil about unusual children or an old baby like this. They were born different from us, and they suffer. That’s the reason they and their families need the support of the community and comfort from others. Let’s be kind in our hearts to those, who have less luck and blessings than we do. And let’s appreciate the gifts we have in our lives.

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