Read why Buhari’s chief of staff Abba Kyari was targeted

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Editor’s note:’s guest contributor Gabriel Onoja, a staff of the National Assembly Service Commission in Abuja has condemned media report on the alleged illegal activities of the chief of staff to the president Abba Kyari.

Onoja said the allegations against Kyari on using his office for public gain is a sham because of Kyari’s integrity and insistence on due process which has made him vulnerable to such report.

Abba kyari

File photo of Buhari’s chief of staff Abba Kyari

Had the story, “How Abba Kyari, Buhari’s chief of staff,  abuses his office for personal gain” been published by a responsible media outfit one would have accused it of sinking to a new low.

But this piece was done by Sahara Reporters, which has hit rock bottom in its plunge and never stopped digging deeper into depth too deep for anyone to nurse hope that the folks running that racket would one day see the light.

The worry at this stage is for those who still read the orchestrated stuff pulled together by that publication. Only those that have not been drawn into becoming addicted to its manipulative epistles can take the vantage position of the non-participant observer looking through the window into a roomful of persons drooling and frothing over what they perceived to be authentic stories about how their nation is irredeemably corrupt.

The report supposedly detailing how Abba Kyari is running a corrupt proxy of the government has too much of a bitter fellow appointee written over it.

The appointee must be someone high up enough to take mobile photos of a letter that is classified ostensibly to share with Sahara Reporters to parody as an exclusive.

It did a nice job of it and as usual, not once did it mention a reaction from the man that is being maligned.

Mr Abba Kyari must have expected that he would at some point come under this kind of attack. It comes with the job and from the strict way he is reported to conduct state business, mirroring President Muhammadu Buhari, he must have made not a few enemies.

His insistence on due process could have as well been a factor in making him a prime target for the kind of story that was put out on him. But there is no pity for him here, what he is getting comes with the territory. I expect he would be able to deal with a mudslinging campaign according to the way he is personally equipped for such scenarios.

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My grouse is therefore the damage that this kind of bickering can do to the credibility of an already fragile economy. The anti-corruption fight is one of the good things Nigeria has going for it.

Progress has been made in this direction enough for the international community to start paying positive attention to investment in this country.

Now that some ambitious official has decided that ego over some petty infighting is more important than long term stability of our economy then we must all be concerned as citizens.

These concern should heighten when we realize that the sector these aggrieved persons decided to use for demonstrating their accusations of corruption against the chief of staff is the oil sector, which is one that is most under stress and in urgent need of additional foreign direct investment.

If these people are truly part of the government they would have realized the truism of not cutting one’s nose to spite the face, their concocted stories would spook the sector and even affect debt recovery by the Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) without getting Abba Kyari’s ouster like they desperately want to.

The puny link they sought to create between Valiant Offshore Contractors Limited and SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited with Asset Management Company of Nigeria remains what it is. Tenuous.

It created the impression that all Nigerians businesses are frauds and that anyone that has dealing with them is a criminal. This cannot be farther from the truth. We should worry about how damaging the corporate standing of organisations could create more problems when they lose business and are forced to lay off staff.

What I find riling is that what these folks began as a report aiming to expose corrupt dealings soon delved into how memos are forwarded and signed and how group photos are taken and protocols breached.

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This of course is the ultimate insults to discerning readers who would immediately see that someone is slipping propaganda into what was meant to be quality information that would help them hold their leaders to higher ethical standards.

My suggestion here is that anyone who has grouses, against Abba Kyari or any other officials of the Buhari administration should be bold enough to put their faces and names to the stories they are peddling as this will help some of us decide what side of the fight to join in the interest of fighting corruption.

We cannot be loaded with this kind of claptrap and be expected to objectively add our voices to the debate so generated.
The anti-corruption war and the efforts to stabilize the economy are too important to be toyed with for personal vendetta.

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