Photonews: Outrage see what happened when BBOG activists visited Buhari (Photos)

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Members of the BringBackOurGirls campaign, have been stopped from entering Presidential Villa in Abuja

BBOG denied 9

According to Sahara reporters, the activists were stopped from entering the Presidential Villa in Abuja. Below are more photos from the scene that has sparked some outrage all over social media.

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BBOG denied 2

The photos have gone really viral causing great debates on the issue, below are reactions on the issue from all over social media.

Fatai Aribisala Ibrahim said: “That was very bad of Nigerian police. How can the Nigerian police stop the bring back our girls from entering the presidential villa when they cannot stop the Wailing Wailers from wailing?”

Obinnia Clifford said: “The north and there double standards, yesterday it was all about oby ezekwesili, today she’s ridiculed, that is naija for you, if she were to be a Muslim or Chibok, a Muslim community, all this ridicules wont be happening ..HYPOCRITES…..”
BBOG denied 8
Muhammad Ali-Nagogo Smith said: “Must they go to the villa to protest? We know their normal location (fountain of unity) if they want to see the president they can follow the normal procedures to see him. Even though they are allowed inside now they can’t still force their way into the president office.” 

Isah Yantaba said: “These bunch of jobless people disguising as “activists” should find sometime better to do. Why are they making mountain out of mole.

Nigerians are suffering, why not demand for better economic sloutions to our collective problems instead of politicising this issue which started long before this administration came on board?

What of other captives that were rescued by the gallant Nigerian army, both women and children? What about the boys that were masscred in Buni Yadi, Yobe state? What of the present IDPs whom are dying of hunger and thirst?”
BBOG denied 7

Akinbami Sirmuhell said: “Why is Nigerians panicking over this b.b.o.g, since Nigerians know the insecurity going on in the country, then why did they went to the villa, no matter what the police have to protect the president and others”

Isaac Linus Ndrimbula said: “Why will they be allowed entrance… can’t they schedule a meeting with the presidency dat is if their are sincere interest at heart… they tried the first attempt and were denied access will the second or third time make it possible… were is the NPA Boss…? is she amongst them or is she settled…? no wonder the parents of the missing girls withdraw themselves from promoting others interest instead of theirs…”

BBOG denied 6

Musiliu Odunola said: “They need not enter presidential villa they can protest outside the villa . I have seen protest outside the white house all sorts but i have not seen an organised protest or otherwise inside White house , remember the white house is presumed most secured place housing the US President, how much more Nigeria. Bring Back our Girls pressure group we support your agitation 100% , but pls you need not enter Aso Rock to protest , stay outside the entrance and protest.”

Ishaga Ahmed noted that: “They have been politically motivated if they feel pmb and his army are not doing well then they should form their soldiers to joint the fight in sambisa Forest useless noisemakers.”

Abdulrasheed Enesi said: “This woman is just acting, she is not being silenced. Must she enter presidential villa to make her voice heard? #Bringbackourgirls movement was not started on the street.”

BBOG denied 5

Aminu Khalil stressed that “Chibok girls are not the only human beings abducted by boko haram,many people men and women are rescued but these idiots are not celebrating. BBOG is now a scam.iam sure many parents delivered so many children. Let them leave PMB alone because he is trying his best 24/7.” 

Rakiah Ahmed said: “Truth is most parent will be troubled about a missing child.but I think the BBOG. Advocates should chill out.they hv made their point known severally.dont overflog it.again it’s like election and someone is just bombarding you with adverts, calls, sms, chats, stalking you. haba you go tire naa..on face value,they should remember that a lot of people died and many are displaced today…abeg make all of us just chill out before it becomes just a female race….”

BBOG denied 4

Usman Kabiru said: “All their trying to do is to sabotage the effort of Buhari led administration. And PMB is a man of integrity, it’s only here in Nigeria that some selfish individual don’t know the effort this gentle man is trying to do. Allah’s infinite blessings shall befall on Mr President.”

Oluwafemi Olatosi Ojumu noted that: “When Jonathan was in power despite the fact he bred boko haram you people did not disturb his peace now that we have a dedicated President and the Nigeria Military who are always eager to curtail the activities of the dreaded insurgency you people are causing confusion.

Like i said, if any one of you cares more than PMB go into Sambisa forest by yourself to bring back our girls perhaps the lives of million people rescued so far is less important than 276 school girls. No live is superior to the other. Chibok girls will definitely be rescued by PMB.”
BBOG denied 3

Maakdau Akinwole said: “Government is continum,so Pmb has inherited d assets and liability of our great Country,Nigeria.You better let us face reality,Pmb promised to resque dis Girls during his Presidential campaign,emphasis was placed on d resque of Chibok Girls,why should Apc now refer d resque of dis girls to former GEJ who handed over peacefully to avert Baboo and Monkey being soaked in blood as threaten by Pmb.

The reality is dat Pmb as a clueless president didn’t hv any solution to our problems in Nigeria,himself and his team are confused.d boat of our dear Nation is about to capside,only God can save Nigerians frm hunger occasioned by poor economic policy of our Almajari President.” Justice Ujomoh stressed that “This government is making very sincere efforts to bring the remaining girls back. They are very careful not be fooled like the previous government was.  Fixing a problem you didn’t create is not easy. These protesters ought to be reasonable. Gaining entrance into Aso rock will not bring back the girls. Adewole Yinka said: “Sincerely, we need to understand one good thing here, there are many Nigerians kidnapped by book harram insurgent right in the same state which Chibok is, many have been rescued while some are still missing including chibok students but it is very amazing when you see a group of people mounting pressure and publicizing the rescue of the girls and forgetting others.

Those kidnapped who are not from Chibok school are not human being or they are forgotten. In them are young girls, woman and kids, yet no attention draw to them. What is the interest on Madam Obey Ezekuesili in rescuing Chibok girls only. I said this during Jonathan regime but people abused me, I will never keep mute unless you listen to my words. Not only Chibok girls kidnapped and stop preference of the release of Chibok girls only. Stop politicizing the affairs, all in the captivity of book Haram most be released unharmed.”

Feyi Sayo said that in his opinion, “Buhari is not a good leader if not what does it take him to come out and give them assurance, we all know those girls may never be found but he should at least show fatherly love.”

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