Ladies, here are 5 things that can make your wedding day the most horrible day of your life

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The wedding day requires a lot of preparation and money to put together and the bride is the last person who should be worrying about anything that day.

However, due to an unreliable wedding planner, last minute change or an unexpected and unforeseeable complication, the bride made be thrown in headfirst into the planning and find herself struggling to put things in place.

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Here are five simple things that can go terrible wrong at your wedding:

1. The wedding dress

bride tears (1)
The worst thing your tailor/designer can do is fumble your wedding dress. A dress that doesn’t fit you perfectly will show first on your face and the negative energy you give off will be contagious so please will be able to tell that your dress is off.

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2. Wedding heels

bride feet
Having the right pair of heels during the ceremony is crucial, especially with all the standing and dancing you have to do. If your feet hurt or your heels are not steady, you will be forced to wear change into something you did not plan for which may clash with your outfit or worse, fall down in paid at some point.

3. Nepa/diesel at venue

bride tears (4)

If PHCN takes light or the diesel finishes in the generator, your problems will double. You will start sweating and your makeup will be affected, plus, in your dress, it will feel like you’re been cooked on low heat and you will be very uncomfortable.

4. Bridal make-up

bride tears (3)

If your make up artist makes you look horrible, that is the end. That is the face you will have to carry the whole day and the face you will forever see in pictures and videos. Sometimes, no one will notice until the photographer takes a picture with flash and you will go from bride to ghost.

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5. Your groom

bride tears (2)
If your groom is a flight risk or drama starter, it will ruin your day. What if he gets into a physical fight with someone on before or during the ceremony? Or worse, what if he leaves you before the ceremony starts or fails to show up then you will have to face everyone in your pretty dress and tell them to go home.

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