God came through me – African who makes his nation proud says (Photos)

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Editor’s note: NAIJ.com continues a series of stories about talented Africans, who achieved a great success abroad, written by Martha Olawale.

Ms Olawale, the founder of Stars of Afrika writes from Florida, USA. She is passionate about changing the narrative about Africa and celebrating each African doing us proud.

This week’s story focuses on Kojo Ackah, A Ghanaian who almost gave up hope of succeeding in life but today has a master degree and presently working on a PhD in industrial engineering in America.

Kojo Ackah

“In the face of adversity, don’t give in to the voices that deceive.” Kojo Ackah

The world may be quick to give up on you but never back down. God is always rooting for you to keep fighting so never give up on yourself. Stars of Afrika are inspired by different Africans I have had the privilege to meet through my life’s journey. While I grew up in Nigeria with Nigerian parents and many Nigerian friends, I see the same level of inner strength in most Africans regardless of where they live in the world. True, I know some who allowed the dictates of their situation determine their life’s pursuit, however, I also know many whose resilience belong in the books of the brave. Kojo Ackah is one of the latter. When you see him, you will immediately be drawn to his calm and quiet demur. Like many of us, he has gone through things in life that could have sent him to the abyss of total failure. Today, he is the cofounder of “Yoda’s Closet,” a kids clothing and accessories fashion start in Ghana. He has a master’s degree in civil engineering and presently pursuing his PhD at Florida State University.


My name is Kojo Essuman Ackah. The first of four, the eldest and the only male child of my parents. I was born in Russia and spent the first three years in Moscow with my parents as they studied economics. I returned to live with my grandparents for about a year, until my parents returned after completing their advanced studies. I once asked my mother that if I was given a Russian name, what it would be; she said “Sasha”. That sounded feminine so I declined it. Haha.

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In my childhood, I really loved soccer and hugely idolized the great Abedi Pele. I even had a little ponytail he was once known for. Chess was another pastime I picked up from my grandfather and aunty. I watched them play and it has stuck with me since then.

Educational journey

I studied at Presec Staff Primary and then to St. Andrews Junior High School, both of which were in the same location. After successfully passing the Basic Education Certificate Examination in 2003, I gained admission into Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, one of the best senior high schools in Ghana. I studied General Science for three years and successfully passed the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Kojo Ackah talented Nigerian

What are some of the obstacles you faced pursuing your dreams and how did you overcome them?

In the final year of my undergraduate studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, I twisted my ankle whilst playing soccer. I was hospitalized for a few days and rendered immobile for close to two months. Within that period, I couldn’t attend lectures and my verve for academic work declined. Coupled with the depressive state I sunk into, I painfully endured my final term examinations and project. My project supervisor regarded me as incompetent and as if matters couldn’t get worse, I failed his own course that I took in that semester whilst every other student in that class scored an A. My life hit a new low I had never experienced before. My parents, unaware of my academic struggles at this point, were bewildered and disappointed though they tried to hide it. My father consistently inquired from my supervisor as to why I failed but no plausible explanation was given save that. I was psychologically disturbed. He even cited possible relationship problems.

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The next few years of my life were the most difficult. I had my national service in school, working as an Assistant to another professor. Reeling from that experience, I just couldn’t function effectively at work. This continued even afterwards and into my first job as an Assistant Engineer at a Civil Engineering firm. This voice in my head kept reminding me of the past failure I encountered and told me nothing fruitful would come out of me. I labored for the next year and a half until my friends, Richard and Sylvester encouraged me to apply to graduate school and trust God to be faithful. Indeed he was, I know for certain that regardless of my applications, God came through for me through my brothers and my current professor, Dr Sobanjo.

What/who is the greatest inspiration in your life?

My greatest inspirations are my parents, grandparents and my entire family who have believed in me and spoken life into my life irrespective of my fears. My brothers, Richard Twumasi-Boakye, Sylvester Inkoom and James Akrasi are also a great source of inspiration as they have been brothers for as long as I have known them. Dr and Mrs. David Olawale in recent time have become a great inspiration in terms of walking with God and raising a family according to His word.

Kojo Ackah An African with an Immaculate Mind

What are your goals for the future?

I aspire to become everything that God predestined me to become. Besides my career goals in becoming an engineer, my interests are quite diverse. I love writing anything from short stories to poetry, music and chess. I hope to pursue all of these to some degree as I’m led.
What advice do you have for this generation of Africans?

Never give up. In the face of adversity, don’t give in to the voices that deceive. Keep praying and trusting in God. Failure is not the end of the story, it’s the only beginning. He’s aware of the state of your heart at every point of your life. So keep relying on Him. Lastly, never be afraid to step into a new God-inspired territory.

What do you want the world to know about Ghana?

Ghana is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Having lived there for the most part of my life, I have never accepted the western-imposed tag of ‘Third-World Country”. Regardless of the infrastructural challenges, young people in Ghana are charting new territories in the fields of commerce, app development and real estate, just to mention a few. The future continues to remain bright in the face of scarce resources. Lastly, the food is amazing. You should try fufu and peanut soup whenever you visit Ghana.

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