Confession: “4 things failed relationships taught me to become the perfect lover”

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At times our troubles teach us the most valuable lesson and that’s the only way to learn it – through suffering and pain! Hear what this girl has to share:


“It took me a long time to arrive where I am now. I had many frustrating experiences to teach me this: not every man is good for me and I have to know who I need in life. That’s a very important lesson. However, many of my dates have also taught me that I may not be the best woman to date.

That’s a very unpleasant revelation for a girl. However, the failed relationships taught me many things about ME and now I know the truth and can share it with others. That’s what it takes to be the perfect date for men.

1. Accept the difference

we are different

Perfect match is not someone too similar to you. Soon he would be bored with you and vice versa. Difference is good, after all. You do not have to like all the things he likes to be his perfect date. The key is not to fight over the differences, but to accept and enjoy them.

2. I am not sorry

I used to say often: I am sorry to call or to bother you, etc. I was not bold enough to speak out my mind openly and be myself. What the failed relations taught me is this: I am not sorry! I have no reason to be sorry to be myself or to take space in life, in the environment or his life. Since I am his girlfriend, he has to allow some space for me, and I am not sorry to take it. There is no need to apologize for being there to be a good date.

3. Trust if you can

trust if you can

Trust is real important for any relationship. How do you know the relations have failed you? You have a reason to mistrust! You have to be a trustworthy mate for him and he – for you. Trust as long and as much as you can, but… once you get the reason to suspect, stop believing.

4. Allow spacing

If you become the center of his world, or he becomes yours, it may end up as a tragedy. What if you leave? What if you fall for someone else or just realize he is not the one? If he has nothing else in his life, be prepared for stalking and pain, a lot of pain. The same goes for you. When you start dating or even marry, maintain your own life. Have other interests in life and hobbies. If he leaves or dies, the world will not crumble!

perfect date

These four things I have learned from the failed relationships and they qualify me to be the best date ever! And to find the best date for myself. Let your sorrows teach you a lesson.”

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