7 hot reasons why women are attracted to bad guys

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If you take your time to examine the trend in the society, you would notice that women are always attracted to guys who are bad. 

reasons why women go after bad guys

This is a bit unsettling because the women see the signs that show that the men they are crushing on are bad, yet they still go ahead and give their hearts to them. Many people in the society keep wondering why women are attracted to these guys.

At this point, we should stress what ‘bad’ stands for. The guys that are considered bad in the society are not the violent ones, they are the guys that are selfish when it comes to emotions. They do not care about women and are known to be men who flirt a lot. They are highly social members of the society who have one or two vices.

Some of them drink, smoke, womanize and are reckless when it comes to emotion. However, it is intriguing that women feel drawn to these men because they are impulsive. Hanging out with these men excite the women as they always have bouts of fun when they are with them.

Women in the society know that they are most likely to have their hearts broken when they date these bad guys but they still go ahead and do it all the same.

Find below some of the major reasons why women are attracted to bad guys:

1. The bad guys are hard chasers

reasons why women go after bad guys

Women enjoy the attention they get from most of these bad guys who know how to pester women till they reach a point of surrender. Even though women front when it comes to this, they secretly enjoy the attention and affection the bad guys shower on them.

Bad boys never quit; they are consistent people who would chase the women till they get them in their palms.

2. Bad guys are daring

reasons why women go after bad guys

Women love men who exude a certain level of confidence. They seem attracted to these bad guys because they strike them as cocky men who know what they want in life.

Women are ready to put up with their excesses no matter what. They are always ready to tune in and adapt to the men’s lifestyle if that would make them stay with them.

3. The ladies give their hearts to them unknowingly

reasons why women go after bad guys

Sometimes, women give their hearts to the wrong guys unknowingly. They would have gone neck deep into the relationship before they realize how bad the guys are.

They subject themselves to the things the guys put them through because they feel they are stuck. Apart from the fact that the guys could be potential time wasters, every minute spent with them counts in terms of fun.

4. Bad guys are impulsive

reasons why women go after bad guys

Most of the women who go after the bad guys do so because they yearn for something different. The good guys are presumed to be boring and not witty; they have their lives moving in one direction.

The bad guys are impulsive; women enjoy the fact that they are with guys that are not predictable. They are guys who have fun to the fullest and do not mind spending a fortune just to do so.

They know the happening places in town; their lives could be described with everything except with the word boring.

5. Bad guys are not sentimental

Some ladies deliberately go for the bad guys when they know they want to play. It is not only men that want relationships people tag as not being serious.

Some women also want to be in relationships in which they can breathe and not feel trapped. In this case, they go for the bad guys who are usually detached when it comes to emotional issues.

This is more like a contract for both parties, they have fun when it is fun time and move on without the pain and aches accustomed to breakups.

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6. Bad guys are passionate

reasons why women go after bad guys

Whether you accept it or not, bad guys are passionate. They know the right places to touch when it is time to get intimate with the women.

They are men who would make the women moan and scream out in ecstasy. They respect women even though they are daring.

They would only move on when they notice the women are clingy. Most of the ladies in the society want men who can take them to cloud nine and fulfill all their sexual fantasies.

7. Bad guys make the women feel appreciated

reasons why women go after bad guys

They are guys who have sugar coated tongues. They know the right words to say to the women that would make them melt in their own skin.

Women feel good when they are around these men. Most times, the bad guys also have good and strong bodies that would make the women crush on them no matter what. The good guys are considered to be weaklings.

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