6 signs your man is not satisfied in bed!

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Sex may have been great at the beginning of your relationship but at some point things started to dwindle.

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There are some reasonably reliable ways to know someone is sexually satisfied. They may tell you how much they are enjoying sex while you are doing it or afterwards.

When you’re having sex they may experience orgasm, which is usually the thing people take as the indicator sex has ‘finished’ and been ‘good’.

1. He doesn’t initiate sex

Means sex with you isn’t one of his favorite things to do so you definitely must be doing something wrong.

2. He doesn’t go more than one round.

No matter how groovy you think the sex is, he never wants a second go at it. An encore is not ever on his itinerary and you’ve always wondered why…well now you know!

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3. Oral sex

At first he would go down on you and get you as men do especially on a woman that they care about a lot. But once they become distant or their feelings begin to fade, it stops being a priority and now sex becomes selfish i.e. just about them not “us”.

4. He is always suggesting new sex positions, sex toys or porn.

He cares about you and hates that your sex life isn’t a dream for him and wants to make it better without hurting your feelings. He definitely has done a lot of research on ways to ignite the fire in between the sheets!

5. Sleep sex

Unless he suffers from an underlying medical condition which has been previously explained by a doctor, sleeping during sex is not acceptable. It is rude and will eventually affect your relationship. Sleeping after sex is ok because we may both need rest.

6. He will say it

This is the ultimate truth he will just say that he is not satisfied and it depends on how he will project the message. Some may want to say it directly and others may use hints so watch out.

Sex is no good if one party finds it a chore, put your back into it!

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