5 things you didn’t know changed in Nigeria; no 3 will surprise you (photos)

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The older pictures in this post will be more familiar to those who grew up in Nigeria during the 90s. The more recent pictures will be familiar to all. Together, you will see what has changed in Nigeria.

Some of the changes are obvious, others are actually not. Let’d start with:

1. Cabin Biscuit

Ok, let’s say it in full: Oxford cabin biscuit. This was the biscuit we knew and loved. Yet, many have not noticed the change, or at least i did not. Compare the pictures below:

oxford-cabin-biscuit               oxford_1

Yes, and i don’t even understand what this new guys have in their mouths? Are those Cabin biscuits or plywood?

2. Omo washing detergent

Despite the growing competition, Omo still has its place in the Nigerian market. The washing detergent has stayed with us for at least two generations. But there have been some changes, compare these two:

Vintage-Blue-OMO-Laundry-Detergent-Packet-12OZ-926x1024                    omo-fast-action-powder

Which do you prefer? I think one thing is that the department in charge of design decided to let go of sharp edges and use more curves, must be a millennial thing.

3. Blue Band margarine

Blue band made our day in the 90s and surprisingly still does up till now. Something about good quality that makes a brand remain relevant. Yet, we all saw the changes in Blue Band clearly. Look at the old and the new:

15 - 1                                Blue band 2

Clear difference? Very clear. Still most Nigerians still love this margarine, which they call butter generally.

4. Milo

‘Milo papapapa Milo!’ That brings back memories of Saturday morning spent watching the Milo show. The Milo beverage has stayed relevant in the Nigerian beverage industry. Yet, they too have changed to keep up with the time. How? Spot the difference below:

Milo                 Nestle-Milo-Nigerian-900g

Tonic food drink? Really? Milo has always been just tea to most Nigerians.

5. Bournvita

Another beverage that has changed its packaging over time is Bournvita, a close rival of the Milo brand. What changes have been made? Spot the difference:

bournvita                   bournvita-malt-cocoa-drink-6

Obviously, moving from metal containers to plastic containers are the major changes that most brands are making in packaging.

A wonderful trip down memory lane.

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