10 times Obama family shows an amazing bond between fathers and daughters

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It is difficult explaining the father-daughter chemistry; for some reasons, girls feel totally connected to their fathers. Every little girl is daddy’s princess while daddy is every little girl’s hero. 

pictures of Obama and his daughters

Mothers are loved too, but fathers hold a special place in their daughters’ hearts. Being a dad is a unique job, different from all sorts of jobs they might have had in the past. The connection between a little girl and her father is deep; having a father around while growing up gives the girl child a new kind of confidence. They become brave and are able to concentrate more in class.

Barack Obama, being the president of the United States has two daughters who look up to him; the bond between him and his daughters is the perfect example of the father-daughter relationship. It is intriguing to know that the president of the United States is an adorable father despite being saddled with tons of responsibilities.

He has enough love in his heart to pour for his family and the nation at large. The pictures that would be shared here would inspire many people; they are pictures of the Obama family which shows the kind of bond that could exist between fathers and daughters.

Find below some pictures of Obama and his family; the perfect example to show the kind of bond that exists between fathers and daughters:

1. A father’s love above all

pictures of Obama and his daughters

As busy as the president of United States is, he tries spending quality time with his daughters. Family comes first after all. Hopefully, this would inspire someone out there to see to the affairs of his home while trying to make ends meet.

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2. So adorable

pictures of Obama and his daughters

President Obama’s daughters are beautiful and adorable; he shows them off from time to time. Being the number one man in the United States might not have given him as much joy as being the father of these adorable girls.

3. Obama and his first daughter

pictures of Obama and his daughters

4. Family life

obama's family 4

Family life becomes normal when a moment like this is being shared often. Daughters feel safer when the presence of the man of the house is constantly felt. They can share their feelings of insecurity with him and feel stronger as they grow.

5. Celebrating Christmas with family is the best

obama's family 5

President Obama is definitely a family man. From the shared pictures, you should note how the girls warm up to him.

6. This is so lovely

obama's family 6

Some fathers have failed because they could not strike a balance between their work lives and personal lives. As important as both aspects are, there should be a synergy between the two.

Daughters tend to respect their fathers more when they are always around them. The fathers also guide them through their journeys in life.

7. A beautiful throwback with Obama and his girls

pictures of Obama and his daughters

This is really beautiful. Spending a good time with the girls would no doubt strengthen the connection and bond between the father and the girls.

8. The president holding his daughter’s hand

pictures of Obama and his daughters

Being a present father would help raise the best daughters; this is an assurance of love. Every girl’s first love is the father.

9. This is sweet

pictures of Obama and his daughters

The other fathers out there should aspire to be like President Obama who wields an enormous influence on the politics of the United States and also commands respect as a father and a husband.

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10. A good father

pictures of Obama and his daughters

After going through these pictures, you would no doubt agree that President Obama is a family man who loves his daughters dearly. He tries being a significant part of their lives despite his busy schedules.

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