Divine Prophecy: Read Pastor Kumuyi’s latest message to Nigerians about Buhari

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– Pastor William F Kumuyi stated that Nigerians should be appreciate God more than complain

– The renowned preacher said all what the federal government needs from Nigerians is patience

– The Man of God revealed this during the mega interdenominational prayer crusade held by the Deeper Life Bible Church at the National Stadium in Abuja of recent.

The highly respected Chief Minister and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Church, Pastor William F. Kumuyi answered some vital questions bordering on the state of the nation during an interview session.


Pastor WF Kumuyi

When asked about his vision for Nigeria at such a period that there is a lot of tension everywhere by different groups, he said:

“The vision is to see that our desire, goal and aspirations in this country are actually fulfilled, and that in our actions and relationships we are a blessing to Individuals and the whole country.”

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On the issue of the prevailing agitations across the country by different groups and to the loss of lives and properties and the lost hope in the unity and functionality of the nation, he stated:

“It is a sensitive area but when we have national problems like this, we think and we feel that if we went this way or that, it would have been the best. But I think that at this time, we should listen to everybody. Let’s listen and put everything on the table and without any selfish Interest or ulterior motive let’s consider and reason everything together as a nation. People are talking about restructuring. Let’s look well. Anything that would further divide us should be de-emphasised. Restructuring should not divide us into fragments where a southerner will have to get a visa before he can go to the north, or a northerner has to get a visa before they can come to the south.

“I think in a country like ours we should respect each person’s opinion. I think we should come together, put everything on the table and dialogue. Only that way, I believe, lies the best solution to our problems. When we say many people have lost hope, sometimes even when there is no problem at all, with the rainfall, the little sunshine or little harvest going down, it is like there are some people that lose hope at every slight change which they consider unfavourable. There is a God in heaven who answers prayers, who wants the best for every one of us and there are some of us who are praying fervently and believing that God answers prayers and will not lose hope in our country. Things are going to turn around and that is one of the reasons why we are here to pray together for national renewal, restoration and revival. Something good is going to happen to our nation.

“When the new government were campaigning, they said change is our policy, it is our watch word, our vision and because we all wanted change we voted them in. Now that they have come in with the strategies they believe would work for the country, we cannot begin to confront them or become stumbling blocks now, just one year into their tenure. We have to look at how long it will take whatever changes they will make bearing in mind the enormity of the rot that was already on ground before they came.  Our Problem is that we complain at every slightest move, especially when that move is not meeting our immediate expectation, and we jump into conclusion based on rumours and hearsay without bothering to find out the motive behind a particular step taken by the government.”

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When asked to comment on the upsurge in the number of churches and mosques and the attendant worship at such centres by the faithful as well as the thought that the nation would be better for it basically in the area of attitude change, while the springing up of religious centres has not brought the change that is supposed to accompany it but backwardness, Pastor Kumuyi said:

“Sometimes when we talk and generalise, it is easy to arrive at a wrong conclusion. We will need to analyse who the churches are reaching out to and who are the people going there. You said in your own street alone, you have about 10 to 15 churches; the question is which one do you attend because if you don’t go, the people who are going there may not have the voice? They may not  be decision makers, they may not be people that can speak and the country will listen. You can make the change to begin to happen if you go there with the genuine intention.

“Salient questions we need to ask ourselves in all sincerity are, is it those that are in those churches or mosques that are involved in the immorality or corruption being talked about? Do they listen to what is being said or are they like people that found themselves there just to promote religion? I think we have to turn it around. The churches are there doing their best but the people need to key into the development and practise in line with injunctions of the holy book.”

It should be recalled that about two weeks ago, the same Deeper Life Church urged Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari as the Church expressed its optimism in the president’s ability to turn the nation around.

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