IPOB launches ‘Biafrexit’, urges British govt to guide President Buhari

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– Following the referendum in the UK, IPOB congratulated the people of Britain

– The group announced the launching of ‎’BIAFREXIT’ as its campaign slogan

– IPOB called on the British government to guide President Muhammadu Buhari and his colleagues to organize a BIAFREXIT in Nigeria

– It accused British Prime Minister David Cameron of hypocrisy



The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has officially announced the launching of ‎’BIAFREXIT’ as its campaign slogan.

Daily Post reports that Barrister Emma Nmezu and Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya, the spokespersons of the group, announced this in a statement issued on Saturday, June 25.

In a statement titled “There must be ‘BIAFREXIT’ in line with the just concluded ‘BREXIT’”, IPOB congratulated the people of Britain and applauded the government for respecting the wishes of its citizens.

The group also called on the British government to guide President Muhammadu Buhari and his colleagues to organize a BIAFREXIT in Nigeria.

However, IPOB criticized British Prime Minister David Cameron of exhibiting hypocritical attitude towards the Biafran course.

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“It smacks of hypocrisy that the same David Cameron that initiated the BREXIT vote has been propping up the Buhari‘s government in their murderous acts of suppressing the quest by Biafrans to exit from Nigeria. This leaves Biafrans to ask if David Cameron’s hypocrisy is because Biafrans are blacks and if black Africans are inferior to white British people?

“Why does David Cameron think that what is good for the white British people is not good for the black people of Africa especially Biafrans? Mr. David Cameron, in organizing BREXIT is taking advantage of the rights of people to make their choice.

“But in denying Biafrans the right to choose their own nation, David Cameron is telling Biafrans that they are inferior because of the colour of their skin. David Cameron is directly telling Biafrans that because they come from an inferior race, they do not deserve to exist as a nation of their own choice.”

“There are indications that Scotland will restart their agitation for separation from Britain and both David Cameron and his would-be successor will not stop them nor will they roll out tanks and other lethal weapons to mow down the Scots like the British-supported Nigeria has been doing to Biafrans,” IPOB stated.

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The group further re-emphasized that self-determination is a right that must be exercised by all free people.

“By blocking the self-determination efforts of Biafrans through overt and covert supports to Muhammadu Buhari, is David Cameron telling the world that Biafrans are still in slavery despite the abolition of slavery in 1833?” IPOB wondered.

Calling for speedily organization of BIAFREXIT, IPOB continued:

“In addition, we warn the incoming prime minister that failure to probe the criminality of Buhari against the Biafrans will make Britain culpable in the re-enacted 21st century Biafran genocide.

“It is unfair and hypocritical that the British government will allow free expression of the wishes of her citizens, while on the other hand supporting Buhari in his brutal mass-murder of Biafrans who are exercising their God-given freedom to determine their nationality.

“We believe that the days of slavery are gone and the black race should not be treated as an inferior and expendable race. The time has come for BIAFREXIT and Britain must support it.”

Following an increase in agitation for UK-style referendum on whether southern states should secede from the Nigerian Federation, the Niger Delta Avengers appeled to Buhari.

They advised the president “to borrow a leaf from PM David Cameron and call for a referendum and let Nigerians decide.”

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