Ladies! Your man doesn’t give you head (oral sex)? Read the 6 solutions to get over it

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Meeting someone is easy but getting to know them is complicated. You may find yourself head over heels in lust with your new boo and as you guys are getting intimate, he asks you to give him head (oral sex).

When you tease him and say ‘Ladies first’, you see him shrug with a look of disgust as he tells you point blank he doesn’t roll like that. My sister, here is what you should do:

1. Find out his reason I’ll make it simple for the ladies, unless his reason is he had his tongue surgically removed or his tongue is medically allergic to good dining, the reason is not good enough. It is not dirty, unpleasant or a turn off to give a woman head. Those men who have mastered the art will tell you it’s a sure way to start her engines. He cannot expect you to give him head when you have not received, that is wickedness!

If he is willing to learn, be willing to teach. Train him on how to get your motors running and enjoy him! If he doesn’t want to give and doesn’t want to receive, then he’s not selfish, he’s just boring or a novice. If you can survive with giving head and never receiving, by all means, stay.

2. Rebuke his type He is selfish! Call him out on it; say it as it is. Give him a piece of your mind and let him know he will never master the art of pleasing women with that attitude. The world doesn’t revolve around his privates, if he can’t put in work with his tongue as well, he’s not worth it.

3. Run!

Unless he says he is ready to change and willing to learn with you, RUN! A man who does not give head but wants to receive is selfish and is the type that doesn’t care about pleasing you but cares about being pleased. This behaviour can extend outside the bedroom and you may end up miserable and unsatisfied in all aspects. RUN! Free him to ruin someone else’s sex life.

4. Move on from him Do not make excuses to crawl back to him. His ‘D’ may be so good you swear you don’t need head or maybe you too have sworn off receiving head but it’s one thing for you to say you don’t want to receive head and your man accepts this and it’s another to be stuck with a man who refuses to give you head regardless of how you feel about it.

5. Pray Just because you have left him in his selfish plight doesn’t mean you should not look out for his next victim. One of your fellow women might jam his wahala. Pray for God to make her run as fast as you or make him turn a new leaf if she has patience.

6. Refresh your explorer Your ex-boo might have friends just like him so try not to circle around his crew. Go somewhere new and be sociable. See where it goes. Mingle and have fun. You just might end up with a foreplay master!

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