‘This is change to madness. This is change to poverty’ – Ex-minister to Buhari

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Ebenezar Babatope, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain and the former minister of aviation and transport, has noted that many things are wrong with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

ebenezar babatope

“This is change to madness. This is change to poverty'”

In a recent interview granted to The Sun, Babatope has spoken on various national issues including the promised change, actualization of Biafra, the 2019 presidential election. He also compared the President Muhammadu Buhari administration with the one of Goodluck Jonathan.

“Change to madness”

“We were promised change and change before the elections but is this the change we are going to have? This is change to madness. This is change to poverty; I do not know how to describe it. I want to appeal to you journalists to help us tell them that Nigerians are suffering. I hate comparing people or parties. It is true I belong to the PDP and they belong to the APC but the truth is that we are not having it easy at all.

“They said they are fighting corruption, what is the level of corruption now? How does it affect the ordinary man in Nigeria? It is a pity with what is happening in Nigeria today. I cannot explain it. I have been inundated with many, many calls from people who are really suffering. I must tell you that the state of the nation today is very bad. The other day, President Muhammadu Buhari was apologizing to Nigerians; apologizing to Nigerians for what? It is a very terrible situation; please help us tell them. We can no longer bear this anymore.”


On Goodluck Jonathan’s administration

“Let us say that things were not as good under Jonathan’s administration but things were not as bad as these. As bad as the PHCN was under Jonathan, it would try and give us light during celebrations. During Jonathan’s time, no matter how bad the situation was, they would try and give Nigerians light. They said Jonathan has battered the economy, who has not battered the economy? They said they have been fighting corruption taking N200 million, N300 million, N400 million and N500 million but where is the money. Where is the money going and what is the effect? I am a member of the PDP and all of us said ok, go ahead with your fight against corruption but where is it leading us? I must tell you that it is a terrible situation. There is so much frustration in the land. They must stop making pretences.”

On electoral process in Nigeria

“Buhari is certainly different from Jonathan, his predecessor. But the question remains that when Jonathan was there, he did not interfere in the electoral process to the point that elections were becoming inconclusive. Under Jonathan, the APC would contest in an election and win but now after elections, the result would not be declared. Look at what happened in Rivers State! They would go to an election and kill people and at the end of the day, the PDP led by 10 local governments to one. The Buhari and the APC should close their eyes to the fact that somebody is in power, let the Independent National Electoral Commission have freedom to conduct elections for goodness sake.”

“There are many things wrong with the APC”

“The APC as a party did not sit down to plan their victory in a way that will make people know that actually, there had been a change. That is the issue. What we are having now is the noise about N200 million, N300 Million and all that on issues of corruption; fine, it is beautiful on paper but where does it lead us. Does it lead us to three square meals a day? Look at the issue of fuel scarcity. You cannot even see fuel to buy to move from one place to the other. Look at the issue of power. There is no electricity. Honestly, it is annoying to hear the APC say that the PDP has destroyed the economy.”


On 2019 presidential election

“I pray for our party to come back but we cannot come back until we have elections. We are trying our best to ensure that we clear all the mess within our party. I agree with you that the PDP is full of messy situation. As I am talking to you, there are some young men who believe that all the young men must be buried alive. Within the PDP, there are some young men who believe that anything you say about anybody above 70 should be thrown to the bin. They believe that they are useless. But by the grace of God, we shall get over all these matters and by 2019, Nigerians will vote for the PDP because the best thing that would happen to Nigeria is for the PDP to come back to power. This is because the APC that is in power now lacks focus.”

On Biafra issue

“Buhari has not done much about national reconciliation. And I do not like the approach of this government to the issue of Biafra. It is true Biafra has come and gone but we must realize that there were some innocent Nigerians who were killed during the Biafran era and since some people are embittered, the government should try to meet them and try to ameliorate their condition. I do not like the treatment being given to Kanu; it is not right. We should meet them and talk to them. The Igbo people are hardworking people and I do not see why they should not agree with the Buhari government. Let the APC government pursue genuine reconciliation on the issue of Biafra so that it would be seen that justice has been done to the people.”

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