10 things that say a guy would sleep with you when you visit him

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What sort of business would a dog have with a tiger? This saying must have been heard by most Nigerian ladies while growing up. While many girls believe it is possible to have a male friend and not get physical, this thought could be true but it is highly faulted. 

signs a man would sleep with you when you visit him

Being a friend to a man and not getting physical means you both must have gone through emotional clouds successfully. You would have grown so close, you would have been able to put emotions and sentiments apart.

When men meet ladies, the basic thing most of them want to do is to get down with them. Depending on the outcome of events, some men may decide to go into a long term relationship with them or opt in for the fling option.

Without wasting much time, there are certain pointers women should watch out for when they meet new guys as this would help them discover what the men could be up to.

The following signs would help ladies know whether a man would act like a gentle man or make attempt to sleep with them as soon as they visit them:

1.  When he seems extra nice and smooth

signs a man would sleep with you when you visit him

Ladies, when  you visit a man in his house for the first time and he is super nice, you should start to be on your guards. He is probably doing this so he does not get you pissed or offended in any way before he makes his move.

2. When the room is squeaky clean

Most men are used to scattering their rooms and apartments. When you see that a man has arranged everywhere and the bed is well made, then you should watch out. If it were to be a guy visiting him, chances are he would not do a single thing in that room. He wants you to be impressed so you would not use his room as an excuse when he hits on you.

3. When his friends leave you two alone

signs a man would sleep with you when you visit him

When you visit a man and his friends start to leave the room one by one, then he is up to something. This would make the sexual tension in the room to heighten. The friends might have been let in on the plan about him trying his luck the first day.

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4. When he offers you alcohol

Alcohol is a form of aphrodisiac and it makes most ladies feel light headed. When a man offers you alcohol in his house when you are visiting for the first time, he probably wants to help you ‘feel free’.

Drinking alcohol would in no time reduce your tension and load you with bouts of dutch courage. When he finally makes his advances, your self-defense would have been too low to put up a fight.

5. When he has his hands in his pocket the most time

Men do this all the time when they have a bulging erection. Please do not mistake this for them being gentlemanly. Men try hiding the fact that they are aroused by dipping their hands into their pockets so you do not notice the erection.

6. When he has loud music played

Men do this so people would not hear what is happening in the room. If his house is a self-contain, then you can be sure that he wants it badly. Men feel ladies would be more comfortable if their moans were suppressed by the noise coming from a sound system.

7. When you are asked not to visit with your friend

A man know that a lady visiting him for the first time would be edgy and may want to have someone with her. If they have a very cordial relationship, he might have teased her about that.

Some daring guys would make provision for such occasions and would make a friend keep the company of whoever the lady takes along.

8. When he disappears for a couple of minutes

Dear ladies, do not think he wants you to get settled well in the house. He probably got turned on by your appearance he had to take a walk. You can be sure he would have a condom with him by the time he returns.

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9. When you talked dirty the night before

signs a man would sleep with you when you visit him

It would be sheer coyness by acting as if you did not know he would make a move on you when you talked dirty the night before. He would definitely want to experiment and sleep with you when you visit.

10. When he gets touchy

signs a man would sleep with you when you visit him


When a lady visits a man for the first time and he becomes touchy, he is doing this to read your body language. Ladies are easily moved by touching; if a lady shows no objection to his advances, it may be a green light for him to touch other places. He may just get lucky and touch a soft spot on your body.

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