Tanko Yakassai Slams Buhari’s Difficult Government

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Tanko Yakassai, an ex-special adviser to former president Shehu Shagari has some harsh words for President Muhammadu Buhari’s early days in office.

Tanko Yakassai

Tanko Yakassai

 The former SA alluded in an interview the Vanguard that Buhari started preparing for his days in office the day he was elected in May.

He said: “Buhari has not been in office for seven months but rather for 13 years. Irrespective of the fact that the election was held in March and he was sworn into the office in May, Buhari has desired the presidential office since 2003 and so he has been in office for 13 years.

“This is because it is not when a person assumes the mantle of leadership that that person begins to prepare himself or herself to rule but rather the day he desired to attain that position.”

Assessing the success of Buhari’s seven months in charge, Yakassai said Buhari’s government should not have made promises he could not fulfill in a given time frame.

Upon his inauguration, Buhari said Boko Haram will be crushed by December. However the president said the group might resort to other tactics like blowing up soft spots.

Yakassai reasoned that the president should not have made such promises when they were not viable.


He said: “Buhari came to power with three major promises, that is tackle Boko Haram, down grade corruption in the country and lastly provide employment for jobless Nigerians especially graduates.

“These are apart from other personal promises. So, for us to evaluate his performance, it should be related to the platform upon which he came to power. Buhari gave a deadline of December ending to get rid of Boko Haram, but just a few days back I heard that the Federal Government is warning the general public that Boko Haram are changing their tactics to attack soft spots such as schools, motor parks, markets and other areas where people gather.

“This can only mean that Boko Haram would not be done with this year otherwise there would have been no need for the government to warn people.

“Buhari should not have claimed the attention of the public by saying that he is going to do havoc here and there. I am waiting and praying that we would be able to deal with the Boko Haram before the end of 2015. But from my own observation, I have my share of doubt if we would be able to achieve this by the end of this month.”

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