How To Increase Your Libido Naturally With Oysters

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Libido is usually taken to mean sexual desire, a person’s sex drive or sexual urge. Libido does vary from persons to persons, from female to male.

General levels of libido and sex drive decrease slowly as people enter mid life. A loss of libido is something that can affect women who are pre or post menopausal. If you have a lower than normal libido, then eating the right types of foods and cutting down on the wrong foods can help to increase your libido and rebuild your sex drive.

For both males and females libido all comes down mainly to one hormone-testosterone. Your libido is controlled by the hormone level, with testosterone being the main key. If it is low, things may not function as they should. One of the ways to having your libido back is to increase testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone production is dependent on zinc and vitamin B. Both are abundant in many of the foods we eat regularly. But, as nutritional deficiencies increase with age. It is important to increase the intake of these vitamins and minerals like vitamin E , vitamin B, magnesium, selenium. By increasing your intake of these foods, you can naturally increase your testosterone levels and restore your libido without medication. At this point we shall be looking at zinc food sources.

Zinc is one of the most important minerals used by the body for various functions there is a wide variety of zinc food sources available naturally for you to take advantage of. Zinc helps in the production of about 100 enzymes in your body, builds you a healthy immune system, maintains your senses of smell and taste and is needed for DNA synthesis.

Zinc is very much associated with protein foods. Thus, you may assume that most foods high in zinc are protein-rich as well. The best sources of zinc include beef, lamb, pork, crabmeat, turkey, chicken, lobster, clams and salmon.
Good zinc food sources aside from meats are dairy products such as milk and cheese, yeast, peanuts, beans, and wholegrain cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread, potato, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, avocado, bananas, almond, blackberries cashew, eggs, kidney beans, cucumber, crab, cheese, Cashew, lettuce, onions, oyster, liver, Soya beans (including tofu products) Spinach Squash, strawberries, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, turkey (dark meat) ,walnuts, wheat bran, wheat germ and yogurt.

oyster recipe

Cooked oysters

How to Cook Fresh Oysters:
While oysters can be enjoyed raw, they are also easily incorporated in a variety of delicious dishes. This makes them an incredibly versatile ingredient in everything from Oysters rockefeller to chowder. While easy to prepare, a simple mistake can turn a delicious dish into a rubbery mess.
1. Any oysters that has opened up when bought has likely been dead for a while and may carry unhealthy bacteria. So it is advisable to dispose of any open oysters. Any oyster that is not well-sealed should be thrown away before you begin cooking.
2. Using a scrub brush, clean the sealed oysters under cold water. Brushing will remove dirt and contaminants on the shell’s surface. No soap is needed.
3. Open the oysters by either steaming or microwaving for 30 seconds. While oysters can be cooked by boiling straight in the shell, unsealing the shells before cooking will allow for a greater variety of preparation options.
4. Shuck the oysters using an oyster knife. Insert the knife near to the oyster’s hinge, and then leverage the top open. Be sure not to spill any of the oyster’s liquor. Pull up the top, and sever the muscles at the shell’s hinge. Removing the top shell is the proper step in preparing for baking, while removing the oysters entirely from their shell can be useful for making soups, frying, or other recipes into which oysters are incorporated.
5. Boil the oysters. Beginning with a rolling boil, leave oysters in the water for approximately three minutes. Once the edges begin to curl, quickly remove the oysters from the boiling water. Cooking oysters too long will produce an unpleasant rubbery flavor and texture.
6. Prepare a proper sauce. Popular oyster accompaniments can be as simple as a squeeze of lemon. Other popular options include melted butter with garlic, thyme or parsley. Oyster sauce can be made by combining oyster liquor, salt, soy sauce and ginger.

By Contributor – Oluremilekun Osobu-Asubiojo

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