Hilarious: Which Is The Best Christmas Gift? Fifty Litters Petrol Or Bag Of Rice?

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What would you rather give or receive as Christmas gift? A can of fifty litters petrol or a bag of rice or both.

Petrol scarcity

The fuel queues has just refused to go away making petrol the most prized item in Nigeria today

It is just not funny again. No petrol, rice is expensive. To make matters worse,  long queues that began more than a month ago have refused to go away.


Every day, Nigerians are going about their different cities in search of fuel to power their cars and generators.

Petrol is so essential that one cannot just imagine life without it. An average Nigerian will give an arm for a can of petrol. But the more Nigerians demand for petrol to power their lives, the more it becomes the commodity becomes harder to get.

Christmas gift

Petrol scarcity or not, a bag of rice will be appreciated by an Nigerian average family

Now it seems our entire lives is being defined by the all important petrol. We need it to provide light, to move about and to do our businesses. The more we want to consume the more it difficult it gets to procure a commodity we produce in large quantity as a supposedly petrol producing country.

Is any coincidence that petrol scarcity comes every yuletide season? Are jinxed in this country that we should always lack what we are supposed to have in abundance?

Petrol cans

Rubbers filled with petrol can be a gift item this season

Now the Christmas season is upon us and we are still searching for fuel. Instead od sharing the rice and hampers, we will be more grateful if we can lay our hands on a few cans of fuel.


This has prompted me to ask: Which item has become more essential? A bag of rice or a can of petrol.

This may be funny but let’s us know what you think by participating in the poll below.

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