Diary Of A Jambite: Read What This Lecturer Did To Me Because Of Bisi, My Coursemate (III)

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After that horrible experience at Mr Tunde’s office, I was no longer myself, and was looking for every means not to have anything to do with him again.

But while I was lost in my thoughts, the unrepentant Bisi, like a monitoring spirit, appeared from the blues and covered my eyes from behind.

Without having to think any further, I could guess that she was the one beside me; apart from the fragrance from her perfume, which I could readily perceive, I was also sure that there was no one else who could try such with me.


My heart broke in pieces as I was super sure the lecturer would have sighted me and the lady he just warned me against.

“My God! Am I not in trouble now?” I thought to myself.


She seemed to be enjoying the game she was playing with me, though, and would not even flinch when I appealed to her to let go of me.

“Guess who?” she still joked.

“Who else?” I retorted, still holding her hands, trying frantically to take them off my face.

After a few more minutes of battle with Bisi, she finally let go and wore a wry smile on her face.

With her gap-tooth sitting well in between her well arranged white set of teeth, I could not help but feel the tinge of excitement building up within me.


“This girl looks really beautiful,” I said to myself. “But, am I not going to kill myself with these threats that Mr Tunde has presented before me in torrents?”


She looked at me and although she saw a faint smile on my face, she could readily notice the sadness behind it and a deep level of worry as well.

“You look happy and sad, what’s wrong?” she asked in a rather touching manner.

“Omo, na this girl go kill me for this school, I swear,” were the words on my lips before I just told her that all was well with me but for the registration which I was yet to conclude.

“The stress of not having finished my registration is my major challenge right now and the fact that the course adviser is not forthcoming makes me really sick,” I quickly told her.

There was no way I would report Mr Tunde, whom I later understood was regularly threatening the girls with carry overs and all if they refuse to have sex with him. What a life!

Bisi, on the other hand, would not be bought over by my cheap lies as she simply held my hands, looked me in the eyes and said: “I know you’re telling lies to me because you consider me a stranger, but it’s okay for now.

“Maybe when we get closer, you’ll learn not to tell lies to me. Just take it easy on yourself and know that I will always be there when you need someone to talk to.”

The newly-built administrative building of the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos

The newly-built administrative building of the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos

With those words, Bisi excused herself from where we were standing and moved away steadily that I had ample time to look at her backside.


The more I looked, the less I saw, but my brain was reading riots all at a time.

I was knocked back to consciousness by some guys who were laughing at me. It was apparent that they had been monitoring everything that had been happening.

I cannot really describe what they were all putting on, but one thing was peculiar to the four of them; they all had a red handkerchief tied around a certain part of their body.

As a Jambite, I did not really know what was happening with the guys that appeared, but my instincts told me that I was in for yet another drama.


They beckoned on me to appear before them, I did instantly!

And while I was already beginning to panic, one of the guys just shoved me off my feet and within seconds, I was on my knees. How I got there, I could not explain.

“Jeesus, you might need to help me this time around,” I was already praying within me because I already observed that they were the dreaded ‘big boys’ on campus.

What followed was more like a miracle.

TO be continued next week…

PS: Note that this is a combination of reality and fiction; the writer’s experience and a little bit of fiction based on the writer’s imaginations.

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