5 Things Lagosians Hate But Miss When They Leave Lagos (PHOTOS)

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A lot of people complain about Lagos vehemently and vow to leave as soon as they get the opportunity. As wonderful as the city is, there are still some things that get on people’s nerves and make them complain. The usual resolution is to move out to a greener pasture when the opportunity comes.


Lagos city center

Usually, Lagosians dream of going to western countries with the assumption that the life style is better while some people however want to return to their villages and towns where they believe life is more peaceful. When these people Lagos however, they realise very quickly that those same things they hate or pretend to dislike are the things they miss so much and wish they could have.

Here are the top five things about Lagos Lagosians dislike but miss when the leave the city.


It’s almost impossible to live in Lagos without neighbours. If you live on the mainland, the chances that you’ll have a lot of neighbours are high. Lagosians complain or sometimes pretend to complain about their neighbours and lament the intrusion and disturbances they supposedly endure from their neighbours. They complain that their neighbour are annoying and can’t wait to do away with them. As soon as these people leave Lagos to a place where the lifestyle is very individualistic, they miss the company and ‘disturbances’ of their neighbours. Lagos neighbours may be annoying but you can’t exchange them for anything.



A lot of Lagosians complain that Lagos is noisy. They compare the city to their villages and complain about how much they miss the serendipity and calmness of the place. While this is true, the irony is that every person in Lagos contributes to the noise as the teeming population is what is responsible for the noise. When Lagosians move to their villages however, they soon find the place too dull for comfort. The noise of the city which they complain about suddenly becomes music that they yearn for. It’s not uncommon for people to cut their holiday short just to return to Lagos and then complain about the noise again!



Commercial buses and their drivers in Lagos are usually at the receiving end of insult and condemnation from commuters. The yellow painted ones, popularly called Danfos are the commonest commercial vehicles to move around the metropolis. Due to the attitude of the drivers and their conductors, Lagosians complain and vow that if they have the opportunity, they won’t patronise Danfo again. Fast forward to when these people leave Lagos, they realise that Danfo are important forms of transport. They realise that no commercial buses in any other places are as efficient and dedicated as these drivers. No matter how tight the traffic may be or how narrow or less motor able a route can be, only Danfo drivers have the nerve and expertise to navigate it. Youre sure to miss them when you leave Lagos.




A weekend hardly goes by without an owambe celebration happening in Lagos. No other place celebrates parties better than Lagos. The numerous invitations to parties coupled with the aso-ebi that follows are headaches. It’s even worse that some of these parties make commuting difficult which makes a lot of people complain.

As soon as people leave Lagos, they can’t shake off the euphoric feeling of missing Lagos’ brand of owambe. They long for the taste of the unique jollof rice and the wonderful party mood. If it’s not a Lagos owambe, it can’t be a Lagos owambe!



A lot of Lagosians complain when they visit a market in Lagos. They claim its noisy dirty and not customer friendly. While this is true to a certain degree, no other place can beat Lagos’ market it terms of getting the best deal. This is soon realised when the complainers leave Lagos to another place. There, they realise that haggling and bargaining is not acceptable anywhere. That’s when they miss the ability to get a product at an ‘armed robber’ price. The same Lagos market they complain about is the same one they rush to when they get the chace to come to Lagos.

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